What is Maum Meditation?

Introduction to Maum Meditaiton (Official Version)   In Maum Meditation, Human Mind Changes to Infinite Universe Mind. Maum meditation is a simple 7-step guided method of subtraction that allows you to become free of your human mind by changing to the infinite universe mind. The human mind is an accumulation of your pictures that is […]

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Why Is Maum Meditation?

        Why Maum Meditation Brings Happiness People look for happiness outside of themselves, not knowing how to find it from within. They attempt to find happiness in their lives by changing their environment; they seek new relationships, change carreers, try new hobbies, change their diet, move to another city or read self-help books. However, happiness […]

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How to Maum Meditation?

   Maum meditation Method     7 -LEVELS OF SUBTRACTION Level 1. Subtracting the remembered thoughts Level 2. Subtracting the images of myself, images of my human relationships and myself Level 3. Subtracting my body Level 4. Subtracting my body and the universe Level 5. Subtracting my body and the universe Level 6. Self disappears […]

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